Graduate Program in Food Science and Technology (PPGCTA)


The Graduate Program in Agroindustrial Science and Technology (PPGCTA) was created in 1983. The first class of students started in 1985 when it was accredited by CAPES as a Masters program, and since 2000 has a PhD track.


To train qualified professionals in Agroindustrial Science and Technology at Masters and PhD levels, with outstanding competencies in generating knowledge and social well being.


Students enrolled in the PPGCTA receive scholarships from CAPES, CNPq and other partners.


The profile of PPGCTA students, renewed annually with around 45 applicants for the Masters program and 25 for the PhD, is composed of professionals from the following areas: Agricultural Engineering, Agronomy, Biochemistry, Biology, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Food Chemistry, Food Engineering, Industrial Chemistry, Nutritional Science, Pharmacy, Veterinary, and, Viticulture and Enology.


The follow up with PPGCTA graduates indicates the program mission has been accomplished, considering that on average: a) 92 % work in the area from which they graduated; b) 71% of Masters graduates continue on to PhD programs; c) 47% of graduates work at Colleges and Universities; d) 29% work in research and/or Agroindustrial enterprises; e) 21% work at private companies and/or are self-employed; and, f) 3% work in other areas.

Research Areas

Science and Technology of Fruits and Vegetables

Grain Science and Technology

Food Microbiology


Orientation committee for master's degree students 2018

2018/02/26 - 19h02m

The PPGCTA announces the orientation counselors / committees of students entering the 2018 Masters course.


Doctoral guidance committee 2018

2018/02/26 - 17h02m

The PPGCTA publishes the guidance counselors / committees of students entering the 2018 PhD course.


PPGCTA Enrollments (2018/01)

2018/02/23 - 15h02m

The PPGCTA announces the offer of courses for the 2018 academic year. The disciplines are divided into blocks, so students must enroll in this semeste....


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